We provide accredited team members who represent your organization, product or brand to coordinate the commissioned projects or special assignments.


We represent and develop your strategic marketing interests in the most efficient and human way.


invitation management


check-in and registration




promotion and representation

F&B management

crowd management

travel tour guides

In a digital world, analog actions carry more weight.

We recruit our ambassadors for their positivity and forward-thinking attitude, but we only list them after an extensive personal assessment. Once listed, we continuously track their skills and knowledge via our own high quality performance monitoring system. Key performance indicators are tailored to each project and they are evaluated in full transparency with our clients. We also provide training and coaching in first aid, health & safety, brand values, protocols, … A dedicated SMD account manager guarantees properly dressed ambassadors for each occasion and a perfect match to the client's DNA.

You only get one chance to make the right impression.

Targeting audiences

Extended services

We offer you access to

exclusive venues

bespoke experiences, events, shows, concerts, and sport manifestations

tailor made incentives

strategic and engaged partnerships

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We are your ambassador.

Inge Potters

managing director

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We are your ambassador.

enlightened hospitality, taking care of guests, turning stakeholders into friends, turning strangers into fans

the right ambassadors translate directly into exceptional experiences

touchpoints and well-thought-out micro experiences that make each guest feel valued and welcome

understanding technology’s place in the modern hospitality mix

We help your business and/or show productions grow by connecting you to your most valued audiences.

Powered by insight and engagement.




Butts in seats


We select and engage audiences for TV shows, presentations, events, ...

Digital audience targeting


We create, implement, and report on your tailor-made campaign to conquer the hearts and minds of your target audience.